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mainIf you would like to be involved in ham radio activities and/or be a part of the club, send an email to w8umboard@umich.edu.

Upcoming Meetings!

Hi All,

I’ve gotten the room 1311 EECS reserved for our meetings for the beginning of the year, the dates include:

9/13 – First mass meeting after northfest, 2nd Wed. of September

9/21 – First “real” 3rd Thursday meeting

10/19 – Third Thursday of October

11/16 – Third Thursday of November

There will be no meeting in December because of finals.

The room is reserved from 6:30pm – 9:30pm, just in case we run long.

Winter semester rooms can only be reserved later.

Have a great summer!

Kit Ng, N9KIT

March Meeting Announcement!

Hello UM Amateur Radio Club members and friends,
Our last club meeting for the 2016-2017 academic year will be Thursday March 16 at 6:30 pm in room 1003 of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building, on the University of Michigan North Campus.
Our featured speaker will be N9KIT, Kit Ng, on “Defining Software Defined Radio”.  More details are in the attached agenda.  Anyone with an interest in amateur radio is welcome at our meetings.  Pizza and beverages will be provided.
​For those driving to North Campus, I’m sorry to say that parking has gotten a bit more challenging.  UM has increased the hours of enforcement of parking permits on a couple of lots.  Both the NC27 lot (by the Walgreen Drama center) and the NC60 lot (by the Lurie Engineering Center) are now enforced until 8 pm, so you could get a ticket if you park in them without a UM “blue” or “gold” permit.  Fortunately there are still two other good options.  Lot NC48, on Hayward near Murfin is probably the best choice.  It is free after 5 pm and almost always has plenty of space in the evenings.  The best route is to go down the steps out of the east side of the parking lot, pass the Beyster building on the right, and then take the outdoor stairway underneath the Beyster building down to the diag area.  Turn left and go to the west entrance of EECS.  The left green line drawn on the attached parking map shows this route.  Another possibility is to park in lot NC28 behind the Space Research Building; that lot is also free after 5 pm.  From there, exit the parking lot to the west, come down the hill to the corner Hayward and Beal, then cross Hayward and follow Beal down to the east entrance of EECS.  The right green line drawn on the map shows this route.

I hope to see you there!
Don – AC8TO

Learn about Ham Radio, Join the Club!

Communicate with other site stations around the world using U-M’s amateur radio station W8UM, obtain your own FCC Amateur Radio License, and get involved in an exciting hobby that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Check out this flyer (pdf) describing our club.

Also, be sure to get on our e-mail list, so you’ll get announcements of upcoming meetings and events around the W8UM “shack”.







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