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Meeting Dates Winter 2023

While the situation surrounding COVID-19 is still variable for the 2022-2023 school year, the Amateur Radio Club will still be hosting numerous exciting speakers! To allow for students to participate, we will be meeting on Zoom and in-person. We will have presentations on interesting topics related to amateur radio each month, as well as other meetings related to other activities as needed. Everyone is welcome to join us at our club meetings. Some updates from the year can be found below:

Upcoming meeting:

March 16th, 6:30 pm Eastern, EECS 1012

Past meeting and events:

October 16th, 6:30p Eastern: John Ackermann, N8UR:

Past W8UM Pres. and past Pres. of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR), a national group dedicated to advancing the digital radio frontier. 

March 17th, 6:30pm EST: Jeff Kopmanis, from University Lowbrow Astronomers, Room 1303 EECS

Jeff gave a very informative speech about astrophotography, providing some awesome tips and tricks for a beginner!

February 17th, 6:30pm EST: Dr. Tony England (W0ORE) Astronaut, NASA Mission Specialist, and Dean of UM-Dearborn, ONLINE ONLY

Dr. England came to speak to us about his experience working in NASA as an astronaut, and to inspire those who are young and old alike to continue pursuing their passions.

January 20th, 6:30pm EST:  Bob Bruninga (WB4APR) Developer of APRS and Senior Research Engineer at USNA, Room 1303 EECS

Bob, the inventor of APRS will be coming to speak with us about it!

December 16th, 6:30pm EST: ICOM Corp. Japan, developer of radio products, Room 1303 EECS

ICOM spoke to us in-depth of their most recent radio developments!

November 18th: Kristen McIntyre (K9WX) Pacific Division director for ARRL and Senior Software Engineer

Kristen McIntyre is the Pacific Division director for ARRL and a Senior Software Engineer at Apple. She spoke to us about how she got into ham radio, and how that has influenced her career as well. As a takeaway message, engineers and non-engineers alike should get licensed if possible! W8UM has resources that can help.

October 21st, 2021: Bob Heil

Bob Heil is the founder of Heil Sound, and is well known for his sound engineering and design setups for rock concerts. In the past, he toured and worked with The Grateful Dead as well as The Who. This background has led him to be very involved in the ham radio community as well!

September 17th, 8:30pm EDT: Collegiate QSO Party

The club made a fair amount of contacts, with some new members making their very first QSOs! After a few hours, everyone had made at least one contact. It was very exciting to be talking with people across the continent!May be an image of indoor

March Club Meeting on Thu Mar 19, 2020 at 6:30 – 8:30 in 1005 EECS 

Sat, Jan 18, 2020 2pm – 5pm
NAQP/NACC contest (https://www.w9smc.com/nacc/)
Results: We made 10 contacts or so, not much effort put in.

Thu, Jan 23, 2020 6:30 – 8:30  – EECS 1005
Adventures in Ballooning at the University of Michigan – Prof. Aaron Ridley of CLASP

In 2005, the University of Michigan started a high altitude balloon program.  The balloons are launched to about 100,000 feet, where they burst, and the payload drops back to the ground with a parachute. Back then, the communications were done with a hand-held radio with a TNC.There was a lot of experimentation with communications systems back then, with the team trying 900 MHz systems and UHF systems.  Eventually, we settled on APRS (144.39 MHz).  Over the last 15 years, everything has changed with microcontrollers and GPS units and even radios. We have formed student teams to launch balloons and started classes to teach students about the systems.  We have launched about 100 balloons and have had many adventures!

Sat, Jan 25, 2020 morning + afternoon – EECS 1311
KB6NU 1-day Tech Licensing Class + Licensing Test Session
Results: All students passed!
Thu, Feb 20, 2020 6:30 – 8:30  – Chrysler 151 (NOT EECS!!!) – by Kirk Lawrence
CoE’s 7 meter KuBand Broadcast Satellite Antenna: history and functional operation
CoE’s [Integrative Systems & Design] 7 Meter KuBand Satellite Antenna has a legacy of service, beyond the academic.  It’s history, functional working parts and demonstration of it’s capabilities will be discussed.  Plus, a walking tour of the Control Room from the operators perspective.
Also for February,
Joseph Burkhead, KE8MKR, will talk a little about Amateur Radio Direction Finding and possible involvement of UM-ARC.

Above: Joel Thurtell, K8PSV demonstrating the Zenith 100-R for the club after his presentation. Jan 2018.

Parking Info

​For those driving to North Campus, I’m sorry to say that parking has gotten a bit more challenging.  UM has increased the hours of enforcement of parking permits on a couple of lots.  Both the NC27 lot (by the Walgreen Drama center) and the NC60 lot (by the Lurie Engineering Center) are now enforced until 8 pm, so you could get a ticket if you park in them without a UM “blue” or “gold” permit.  Fortunately there are still two other good options.  Lot NC48, on Hayward near Murfin is probably the best choice.  It is free after 5 pm and almost always has plenty of space in the evenings.  The best route is to go down the steps out of the east side of the parking lot, pass the Beyster building on the right, and then take the outdoor stairway underneath the Beyster building down to the diag area.  Turn left and go to the west entrance of EECS.  The left green line drawn on the attached parking map shows this route.  Another possibility is to park in lot NC28 behind the Space Research Building; that lot is also free after 5 pm.  From there, exit the parking lot to the west, come down the hill to the corner Hayward and Beal, then cross Hayward and follow Beal down to the east entrance of EECS.  The right green line drawn on the map shows this route.
Don – AC8TO

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