W8UM Repeater Info:
145.230 MHz (Listen here)
-600 kHz offset  (Transmit at 145.230 Р0.600 MHz)
Tone 100 Hz

As of Dec 2017, our repeater is back up on the air after repairs!

The repeater is located on the roof of Weiser Hall, one of the taller buildings on central campus.

W8UM hosts a Sunday-night net:
8pm local time (eastern), which is the same as
01:00 UTC in the winter and
00:00 UTC in the summer
due to daylight savings time.

Any and all are welcome to stop by to chat about recent events and club news.

You can join via ECHOLINK. Find W8UM-R, or node #301138. The internet often works better than RF.

If you would like to become the net-control and run our Sunday-night net, bring it up on the net and we’ll send you the script. Anyone can try!

[ Todo: insert some repeater history and some pictures ]