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The Wilson Center staff has kindly allowed UMARC members (with a UM ID card, including non-students) to sign up for training. After completing the basic training, you get card access to the site, and are free to use their facilities for general machining of metal and sheet metal. For those without an UM ID card, the rules aren’t so clear. I think you’ll be allowed in to “mentor” someone with training, but the Wilson Center doesn’t have anything official written up for that, because it’s assumed that you have an UM ID card for access.

Their website is here:

The Wilson Center is a student project team center, and as an university sponsored organization, UMARC qualifies to have access.

They have a variety of tools and machines in the shop, including tools to work with sheet metal:

Sheet metal punch

  • sheet metal punch (useful for chassis work)
  • notchers
  • squaring shears
  • hand brake (sheet metal bender)
  • bandsaws
  • drill presses.

With extra training, you can use:

  • industrial milling machines
  • lathes
  • CNC machine
  • welding machines
  • and others.

The training you need:

  1. “Basic I” (general safety info and shop rules)
  2. “Basic II” (make a simple aluminum pencil holder and have it inspected)

After Basic II is completed, you get card access to the shop, and can use the facilities during the normal operating hours specified on their website.

Sign up for “Basic II” can be found at the link below, but spots seem to be all full. I would recommend checking at the beginning of next semester. If enough UMARC members are interested in this training (6 or so), I can attempt to request a session to be created.

If you do get into a training session, please let me know in an email. I’ll try to maintain a list of people who have completed the trainings.

As always, feel free to email me with questions (


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