Support W8UM!

Please support the U-M Amateur Radio Club with a tax-deductable donation (and tax credits for MI residents). Michigan residents can get a 50% tax credit (total credit up to $200 for joint returns) for their donation to the U-M ARC! That means that a married couple can donate $400 to the club and receive a $200 tax credit (and end up paying only $200 out-of-pocket). Any donor can use their UM-ARC donation as a tax deduction, as a gift to an educational institution.


To make a donation* you can do any of the following:

  • Give online using your credit card
    1. Click on the link above and a new window will open from a Michigan Online Giving secure server.
    2. Follow the instructions on the Online Giving page.
    3. Once you have completed the online donation process, you will immediately receive an e-mail acknowledgement from the University of Michigan. U-M will mail you a receipt for your records and tax purposes.
  • Contact the club with any questions, concerns, or other ways to help the U-M Amateur Radio Club (such as “in kind” or equipment donations).

* Please check with your employer about matching donations! The U-M ARC is a tax-exempt student organization sponsored by the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Michigan. Please contact us and we will provide your employer with a special form they need to submit with their matching donation.